Welcome to Our Love Affair With Delta Rae

Two years ago, Hugh and I met up with some friends at Jammin’ Java to see our friends’ band One City Mile in a battle of the bands. I blogged about it and raved about the band from North Carolina that ended up winning the battle.

We picked up Delta Rae’s free CD that night and haven’t stopped listening to it since.

When they came to DC to perform at the 930 Club in January (coincidentally exactly two years since we first saw them), we couldn’t buy tickets fast enough. Even better — my girlfriends Devon and Elizabeth and their men joined too.


If you have a chance to see them, I promise you their show far exceeds even the loftiest expectations.

My hump day gift to you is a playlist of their album, Carry the Fire. Yeah, I listen to these 14 tracks on loop and can often be heard belting parts of them while in the confines of our apartment where no one (but Hugh) can hear me.

If you only have time for a sampling, choose Bottom of the River, Dance in the Graveyards, If I Loved You, and Morning Comes.

Actually, just listen to them all.

PS: The a capella song I raved about in the blog post from two years ago was Bottom of the River, which much to our dismay was not included on the free sample CD we had. Thankfully, the eventual release of the song was accompanied by this amazing music video and now all is forgiven.

Oscar Buzz: We’re $10 Richer

I’m sure you haven’t heard that the Oscars were on Sunday night. It might also surprise you that this (and most awards shows) are big highlights in our world. I love the red carpet and the mishaps and the performances; Hugh loves betting on the winners. Since we’re going on five years of betting against each other, it’s become much more fun (and lucrative) to involve other people in our awards show gambling.

For the Golden Globes this year I cooked dinner, Jessie and Troy came over, we all filled out ballots and rooted for our picks. The stakes were interesting — the winner got to pick a movie we all had to go see and the loser had to pay for everyone. Hugh and Jessie tied, so our movie date is pending their compromise.

For the Oscars Sunday night, Jessie fed us chicken corn chowder while we tried to come up with more creative stakes for the bet.


Loser cleans winner’s apartment?

Winner’s cash goes to a blackjack table in Vegas?


By the time we popped the bubbly (it’s the Oscars afterall) we had just decided to bet old school — $5 each, winner takes all.


Since I picked with my heart (Silver Linings Playbook all the way), I didn’t win.

But Hugh did, and that’s almost the same thing.

Speaking of Hugh, he’s been working on some posts and plans to make his blogging debut later this week! I’m so proud.

In Which I Take Marriage Advice from a Show Called Duck Dynasty

I have a not-so-guilty pleasure, and it’s a TV show about a family-run duck call business.


There is so much to love about the Robertson family and the antics of its bearded men, but perhaps my favorite part of Duck Dynasty is the wisdom imparted by the patriarch, Phil Robertson.

Here is Phil on happiness and finding a woman to marry:


Don’t be ashamed if you get hooked and find yourself fixated on a marathon — not that I have — because it would be totally fine if you did.