Blogging Confessions from a Chronic Blog Lover

As I said when I started to blog here — I have a thing for blogs.

I started my first blog four years ago and spent a year or so writing about my commuting adventures. My second blog chronicled the year before I turned 25, was freshly pressed, got a bunch of followers, and really became a lot of fun to keep up with before its time was up.

And then there’s this one, which started out with the looney tunes concept that I’d take and post pictures from the majority of the days in our first year of marriage so we’d have somewhat of a scrapbook to look back on. Womp womp. That clearly hasn’t happened and it still doesn’t have a real concept, but it doesn’t really need one if you’re just blogging for your own love of blogging.

Which brings me to my second blogging confession. I sometimes suddenly have to spend time I don’t have to revamp the look of my blogs. Both of my previous blogs went through at least two looks before I landed on the one I liked best (due in part to all of the awesome themes on WordPress).

So far this little blog has done only one wardrobe change (the one I accidentally did today) and I think I kind of like its new ‘do.

It’s a little less … wedded bliss blog … and a little more … I write about Duck Dynasty blog.

What do you think?

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