Well … We’ve Been Having Fun


We’ve been doing a lot in the last month or so. A lot that I’ve taken pictures of, and a lot that is blog-worthy. But my darling, darling Norma Jeane is on the fritz again and consequently my camera is brimming with un-shared photos of dragon boat races, Memorial Day crab picking, and — let’s be honest — my cat.

So I scrolled through the ol’ iPhone camera roll and dug up a glimpse of the fun we’ve been having lately.

We saw the Orioles play at Nats Park with a slew of DC friends and a bunch of Baltimore friends.


Most days, when the weather hasn’t been 100 and humid, I’ve wandered through Dupont Circle to do some people (and duck) watching on my way home from work.


Hugh and I strolled through Old Town Alexandria on a modified self-guided walking tour which began with pub food (and Guinness) and ended with ice cream.


We spent Memorial Day weekend at the Bay house with the whole family and a few friends. This is the view from the Rappahanock River Oyster Company, where we grabbed lunch on the half-shell one day. Once the computer is back up and running, I have countless more pictures of our adventures to share.


Jessie lured us to Georgetown one afternoon for happy hour (can you call it that at 2 p.m.?) at this charming Vietnamese restaurant with a tiki bar.


Hugh’s wood bat baseball league normally plays one nine-inning game every Sunday, but seemingly as soon as it got too hot they turned to double-headers. Clearly the boys were exhausted after the first game.


I got to cat sit the most precious, most skittish cat I’ve ever met — she didn’t take long to warm up to me and by the end of the week I had to sit still while she took a bath in my lap. Sweet Stella.


While Hugh visited his parents in Chicago Father’s Day weekend, I visited mine in charming Manassas, Virginia. It was really refreshing to have a weekend with just my parents and brother and no wedding planning woes to discuss. We shopped, we cooked, we ate, we enjoyed each other’s company in the shade of the back deck. It was perfect.


The ladyfriends and I ventured to the Kennedy Center on a sweltering evening to see Memphis. We all cried, we all laughed, and at least one of us danced in our seats (me). Elizabeth’s enthusasim was hard to contain.


Hugh has often maintained that he doesn’t like playing catch with me because he’s afraid he’ll hurt me. Well I convinced him after work last Friday to throw the baseball with me for the first time in four years — and it ended with an imprint of laces on my shin thanks to Hugh’s change-up grip and failure to warn me it was coming.


Finally we’re catching up! Last weekend, Hugh, Jessie, Troy and I ventured to Baltimore to catch an O’s/Nats game at Camden Yards and to visit our Baltimore-based friend Benjamin (pictured above in two pairs of sunglasses). There were almost as many slices of pizza as there were hilarious moments.


And finally, this week I learned how to make baked falafel! It’s not hard, so I really shouldn’t be as proud as I am, but it was delicious. For every meal. For four days.


Sunday we’re headed to Nags Head with some of our best friends for a beach trip that has happened every year since the day after we graduated college.

The suspense is hardly bearable.

Scattered Family, Epic Video Chat

Hugh’s family is sprinkled throughout the country. His parents are in Chicago. His brother and sister-in-law are in San Francisco. His sister is in New Orleans. We’re in DC.

It means we have extra excuses to visit some of the greatest U.S. cities.

It also means we only have the whole family together on rare occasion. After our wedding, the first rare occasion was a spontaneous video chat that we all happened to be available to join.

We had just sat down to eat dinner, so our chiming in between chewing probably added to the chaos.

But what a great moment to have four parts of a family virtually together from the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the country.

Ah, technology.