When the Dog’s Away … the Girls Play Bunco

That is how the saying goes, right?

Hugh was away for work the first half of this week but was back in time to have to seek shelter while I hosted Bunco. Yes, my fellow twenty-something lady friends and I play Bunco once a month. Someone different hosts each month, we eat snacks, drink wine, catch up on all the goings on in everyone’s lives. Oh, and we play a dice game called Bunco that involves no skill — only luck and sometimes the ability to count.

This month’s Bunco fell the day before my good friend Elizabeth’s birthday, so we sang to her and had cupcakes and the menu was designed in her honor: pulled pork sandwiches, tater tots, pimento cheese, etc.

If you’re a lady and you’re not in a Bunco group, find some friends and get started already!




And when you do start your own Bunco group, make some pimento cheese:

1 8oz. package cream cheese

1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar

1 1/2 cups shredded monterey jack

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/4 onion, grated (very important!)

salt and pepper to taste (I use garlic salt for added flavor and because I put garlic salt in/on everything)

cayenne is optional but highly, highly recommended

2 little jars of pimentos, drained, diced and smashed

Dump it all in your stand mixer and mix until it looks creamy and delicious and ready to be spread on a cracker. Or a sandwich. Or your finger. I read a recipe for pimento cheese one time and have been making it up as I go ever since, so my measurements (especially for the shredded cheese) are not exact. I tend to believe that more cheese = better — as long as the consistency is creamy and spreadable, anything goes.

One Month Later


We have matching bedside tables to hold our books, tv remotes, glasses of water and a lamp for each of us. Oh happy day – no more falling out of bed to get my phone off the floor in the morning.

Instagram Scenes from a Slower Weekend

We finally, one whole month later, have a lot fewer just-married-to-dos on our weekend lists. We’ve made all the necessary administrative updates with the government, the banks, work, and most importantly — facebook. Hugh’s no longer slaving away over health insurance research and the only looming project is adequately expressing to everyone in our lives how truly grateful we are for their support, their enthusiasm at our wedding, and their generosity toward us. Oh, and I need to visit the DMV sometime to get an updated license I suppose.

Days 28 & 29

Since the weather was beautiful and our furry visitor was bored, we took Dexter on a walk around Arlington on Saturday, through the Court House flea market, past a bunch of restaurants that didn’t look like they’d enjoy having a furball on the patio, and ended up at Bayou Bakery for a delicious New Orleans-style lunch.



When we were home and the dog was exhausted, Lily the scaredy cat finally figured out that she could survive outside of our closet with Dexter in the room. Their interaction was minimal until yesterday evening when they began sharing the window sill — each taking a turn pressing wet noses against the screen while the other waited patiently at a safe distance.


In between a football game and dragon boat race practice, Hugh managed to finish assembling our bedside tables. He sped up the process by abandoning the screw driver and instead using his new drill for the first time. Before putting his new toy away for the weekend, he made sure I knew how to use it just in case. I don’t plan on being the handy man around our house, but I can’t say the drill wasn’t a little fun to play with…


Up to Date

I finally put together highlights pictures from the last week or so. Click on a picture to see it in the gallery! Hooray for catching up to present day!