You Wear a Dress, Baby I’ll Wear a Tie

April 14: Day 0

Just over four years after our first date at Outback Steakhouse in Christiansburg, Virginia, and just over seven months after Hugh popped the question at Woody’s batting cages, we said our I do’s.


And then we danced to New Coat of Paint.


And then we really hit the dance floor. Yes, we dougied.


We Got Married in a Fever

Well, April 14 came and went in a flash, didn’t it? We prepared and we planned and we greeted out-of-towners, we got dressed up and gathered in the church to say our vows, and then we celebrated. Boy, did we celebrate.

We got on a plane (two, actually), stuck our feet in the sand and surf of Punta Cana, played water polo with some young’ns from Boston, won a game of bingo, met lots of people from Ohio, had a few drinks, got a little sunburn, and returned to DC on a cold, rainy Saturday night.

And we were married.

And now normal life goes on.

That said, we have little use for a “wedding” website any longer. But I bought this domain name and designed this site and still really like its clean look and blue accents. And though we don’t want to bore anyone with our daily lives, we would like a historical archive of our attempt at this new chapter.

So, we shall blog.

It will take us some time, but we’ll turn this site around. I plan to post wedding photos and videos here for our friends and families — especially those who couldn’t make it — to see. I can’t wait to post those videos.

And, because I have been known to love a blog concept, I have very good intentions to post a picture from every day — no, I am not saying I plan to post every day (because I did that once and eventually failed), but I do plan to take at least one picture every day. I’m doing it for my camera y’all. My camera needs some love after I shunned it for 5 months during wedding planning. And I need to give Instagram a little break.

So to give myself a running start, I’m starting with Day -1. Here goes:

April 13: Day -1

My mom, Aunt B, two sisters-in-law and two BFFs got together for mani/pedis in Manassas followed by lunch at — where else — Tony’s. It was glorious.